About Us

About Us

What started out as a drive by two brothers who were forklift technicians to be independent businessmen flourishes into a successful, thriving enterprise servicing thousands of local customers and employing many.

Gregory and Timothy Blackwood began G & B Lift Truck in the late seventies as a small forklift service shop. "In June, approximately one year after I started, we hired two other people, we purchased two new vans, we leased space in a warehouse and we took that giant step if you will." said Greg Blackwood, President of Fraza Forklifts.

Through the vision and determination of its leaders and their commitment to providing superior customer service, G B continued to grow. For the first five years in business, Greg's and Tim's company focused on servicing equipment and selling parts over the counter. When a major forklift manufacturer approached G B Lift Truck about representing its product, Greg and Tim embraced the chance to expand their business. G B Lift Truck was now a full-service dealer servicing Southeastern Michigan with new and used forklifts, rental forklifts, as well as parts and service.

Throughout the years, Greg and Tim continued to grow their company by augmenting the product line, increasing their sales staff, continuing to increase the number of companies serviced by the company, and acquiring forklift dealerships.

Today, Fraza Forklifts is a full-service material handling dealership servicing East Michigan with three branches and a dedicated, highly-skilled team of 250 employees. The original service orientation of the founders continues to permeate the organization and focuses all employees on providing outstanding service on every customer encounter because frequently, your experience with one of our employees determines your level of satisfaction. And because our company's growth is the result of the collection of individual achievements, each employee is dedicated to consistently performing his/her jobs urgently, accurately, diligently, and honestly. Our concentration is your retention.

We look forward to serving you.