Fleet Management

Fleet Management

We can manage your fleet for you with our Full Maintenance Program. We'll survey your application and recommend the minimum number of forklift trucks for maximum production at the lowest possible cost. You'll pay a fixed monthly rate for the maintenance of your equipment for the life of the contract. It includes everything you need to keep your fleet running efficiently including loaners and emergency service. 

If you prefer to manage your own fleet, our Planned Maintenance Program will work for you. We'll recommend the appropriate maintenance intervals for your equipment and our highly skilled and trained technicians will conduct the extensive, comprehensive periodic service and provide you with a detailed, itemized report on each machine. We've even created an internet-based program to help you manage your fleet. It keeps track of your maintenance and costs so you don't have to. 


Fleet Track - created for our customers to help them manage their fleets.

With Fleet Track, the service and repair details for each piece of your equipment are now available online for FREE. All of our planned maintenance customers now receive Fleet Track for FREE. You can view and download all of your machine service history and cost at your convenience. Knowing your fleet maintenance costs can help you:

  • Determine if your fleet needs to be rotated to maximize the life of your fleet.
  • Determine when operating costs will exceed replacement costs.
  • Identify problem units
  • Determine what the hidden costs of downtime are
  • Identify operator abuse.

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