COLD WEATHER SPECIALS (valid through 03/31/17):


ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT - Maxlife High Mileage Antifreeze/ Coolant for all makes and models. $10.99 a gallon.







FREEZE PLUG HEATERS - Ensure quick winter starts and reduce engine wear with freeze plug heaters. (A11090) $71.76




CAB HEATERS - Connects to the truck’s cooling system. 12v. (A44045) $247.50.    24v. (A44046) $299.50




FRONT LOADERS - Move sand, salt and snow, and sweeps scrap metal and debris from warehouse aisles. Pull dump cable and bin rolls  forward to empty the load. Unit returns to locked upright position when set on the ground. Steel construction includes leak-proof welds and a beveled front edge. Includes safety chain to secure unit to fork truck carriage.  $1,609.99 (FL4000)


ENERGY SAVING STRIP DOORS - Substantially reduce the loss of heated & cooled air.  Price varies by size.  Call Today for Pricing. (PFI p.544)


FORKLIFT CAB ENCLOSURE - Protect your forklift operators from our harsh, Michigan winter. 

$219.96 for up to 6,000 lbs capacity (A13372)
$226.31 for up to 12,000 lbs capacity (A13371)


UNIVERSAL OVERHEAD SHIELD - Excellent protection from rain and falling debris.

$59.22 Clear windshield & canopy (A11395) 

$59.22 Tinted overhead canopy (A16100)